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The Conduit and Other Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy


The Conduit and Other Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy
by Richard Gessner



“I like the way you have gradually added layer upon layer of detail—Grandma’s maple syrup, ancestors, country dance steps, various animals- to make a densely swirled piece of fiction. Reminiscent of William Burroughs. My favorite line was: 'Poop chute—parachute—somersault—sleep—ventricle snow—do-si-do.'”

—Allen Ashley, author of “The Planet Suite” British Fantasy Society Award Winner


“What Gessner does best, perhaps, is create microcosms—self-contained worlds in which he has made up the rules and established the action. I'm reminded of a drop of water, which, under van Leeuwenhoek's microscope, turned out to be teeming with alien creatures possessed of varied modes of swimming. I am reminded of Blake: Gessner dramatizes the Romantic poet's belief that there is a world in a grain of sand. The Conduit, one of the more visionary pieces, demonstrates Gessner's ability to expand space and uncover its inhabitants in a seemingly infinite regression...

“He is also relentlessly funny. Virtually every paragraph in Excerpts from the Diary of a Neanderthal Dilettante—the title is self-explanatory—presents the reader with material worthy of a stand- up routine.”

—Vincent Czyz






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The Introduction by Vincent Czyz

Richard Gessner's fiction has been published in Air Fish: an anthology of speculative work, Rampike, Ice River, Coe Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Happy, The Act, Sein und Werden, Skidrow Penthouse, The Pannus Index, Fiction International and many other magazines. A collection, Excerpts from the Diary of a Neanderthal Dilettante & The Man in the Couch was published by Bomb Shelter Props. Gessner's drawings and paintings have appeared in Raw Vision, Courier News, Asbury Park Press, Rampike, Skidrow Penthouse, and exhibited at Pleiades Gallery, Hamilton Street Gallery, Cry Baby Gallery, The Court Gallery and the Donald B. Palmer Museum. He lives in Montclair, New Jersey.